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New years plans

C.E.F. January 1st, 2018, 2:25 am
New years! Woo! Another year of comics! So, what's in plan? Like usual, I'm trying to get as many pages and chapters done as possible, but here's my goals. I hope to get to chapter 16 by December of 2018. I plan to do... 2 specials and if I learn how to draw, perhaps a two year special in February. I'm hoping to get to 500 readers and 350 pages. Also, I'm planning on amping up all of my advertising so woo! Yeah. I plan to use social medias more like the Tumblr and the twitter I also will start using the ask.fm, so ask questions to both me and the cast and stuff

Here's a cat emoji ??, have a good 2018

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